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Friday, December 13, 2013

So cold, so stoic. 

Elder Juanson and I today at Burgers Supreme!

West Campus after the snow! The snow made me homesick haha. I miss the Christmas season with all of my family. Also snowboarding...but I'll be back just in time to shred in two years.

Elder Sandquist and me hangin´at Jamba Juice. 

One of my favorites - this is on Sunday night when our ZL's district left. From left to right: Elder Williams (ZL), Elder O'Barr (ZL), Elder Howard (Kind of ZL...), Elder Earl (Louisiana boy), and Elder Taysom from St. George. The one who gained 30 lbs at the MTC.

Elder Juanson and I with the Nutella Elder Williams gave us!

Say hello to my new blaster. And my best tie. I traded for that beauty, and it is one of the most coveted ties here at the MTC.

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