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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day! May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all! But especially the moms.                                                     May 12, 2014

Well, not a whole lot of desire to write this week. It's been pretty stressful trying to figure out Skype and everything here. The weather is cooling off...what else...both of our baptisms fell this week, but we have two more next week. So we'll see where we are with that. Anyway, not a whole lot else to write this week. Love you all and I hope that Mother's Day was worth the nine month struggle of bearing a child. Peace and blessings.

Elder Sipple

                                            Saul's house in the colony (one of the nicer ones)

                                                          into the sweet sweet forest
 Elder Sipple riding in the back of the truck on the way to the colony. A big semi flew by right when we took this picture haha.

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