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Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hello, y'all.

If you put it in terms of iPhones, I really won't be gone for that long. Like, see you in two iPhones. Also, we call ourselves the Cochinito Mojados. It pretty much means "The Little Wet Sickos" because we are poor and sweaty. After we do something out of desperation (due to lack of money or supplies), we yell "Cochinito Mojados!" Alrighty. Lots of wild stuff this week. Killed two cockroaches in the middle of the night. I was going to the bathroom and they were procreating and running around. They were big and I hated them. I finally bought a hat! I'll send pictures. Our beds are just on the floor in the room with the AC haha. Pobres. I have been washing clothes by hand in our sink outside, so that's fun! There is a super cool elder in our district that I met after the Christmas party on our way to Clorinda. His name is Elder Naumann and he likes a lot of the same music that I do! His parents 
e Dominican and something else, so he is perfectly fluent in Spanish and Enghlish. Jealous.

We are still living with the Zone Leaders. 
It has been way fun living with them. Gringos vs Peruanos. Classic. I had my first rainy day here! It wasn't anything super crazy, but there was a lot of mud and working in it was awful haha. This week, we had a fire in our apartment. Elder Murphy was trying to cook the sauce for our pasta. All of a sudden I hear "Oh, oh, oh! We got a fire! Tenemos un fuego! Fuego!" No one believed him at first because he is always joking, but I went in there and the back of the stove was on fire hahaha. So we shut off the gas and turned off the burner. The tube that runs from the stove to the gas tank was on fire and had burnt off from the stove. The stove is super old and crappy anyway. but everything is fine, we just can't cook food anymore haha. And we don't have a we have to spend money which we don't have so we don't starve. Un dia en las vidas de los misioneros. Sooo funny, though! I just keep hearing Elder Murphy's voice...Aye, we got a fire! Tenemos un fuego! Classico. 

Okay, real quick. So our main investigator that we our focusing on, Romona and her family, bailed on church yesterday. We walked about 25 minutes to her house so we could walk with them to church. We show up and she's like "My kid's aunt and uncle don't like your church so I can't go today." So we were just like...en serio?! You have a testimony of these things! Your baptism is next week! You need to come! Long story short, she lied to us and said her family was coming over. Can you guess what time? Yep. 8:30...same time as church. So we picked up our investigator across the street and took him to church. His name is Ezekiel and he is 11. I think he has some members in his family, but I'm not sure who. But anyway, last night, we were on divisions so Elder Murphy was with Elder Sotelo (our ZL) and I was with Elder Yaicate (other ZL). They visited Romona and she admitted to lying...long story short, we have all of their baptismal paperwork filled out and signed! Same with Ezekiel! I'm baptizing the two daughters of Romona. I believe Elder Murphy is baptizing Romona and Ezekiel. Not sure exactly when Ezekiel's date is. But I'm so stoked! Teaching them has been so awesome and I can't wait to dunk the heck out of them.

There is no better feeling than when you see someone accept the Gospel and progress. Holy smokes, I love it. It makes all of the hardships so worth it. 

Also, I taught primary with Elder Murphy yesterday haha. The teacher was gone and we did a horrible job! Hahaha it was straight classic. Like, the worst! So fun though.

 I love you all so much. SO much. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. Thank you for helping me to get where I am today. I still have so much work to do, but I couldn't have gotten here without you. I know God sent me to my family and friends for a reason. Stay sweet 2k14.


Elder Sipple

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