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Monday, January 27, 2014

Que tal!                                                                                                January 20, 2014

Well, I got pooped on by another bird. Michael Phelps is back, sweatier than ever.

So here's the week. First, we found a new pension!! Right in our area, super nice, brand new, and no one has lived in it! Holy smokes it's righteous. The only thing is that we won't be with Elder Sotelo anymore and we are farther away from the main street with all of the stores and what not. But this will be suuuper convenient! Also, we have some snakes in the area! The lady who owns it has a daughter and a niece or something that are pretty snakey. The daughter is a worm, though. I better explain these terms. Here, we have three different classes of women. First, you have the dragons. They are the older ladies who are really flirty and stuff like that. Next, we have the snakes. They are anywhere from their mid-teens to about 35 years old. Super flirty and they only want to talk to us because we are Americans and handsome beyond belief. Finally, we have the worms. The worms are a lot younger. Their age group is 14 and under. They are the ones who will most definitely be snakes in the future and are already kind of creepy. Anyway, new pension is straight baller.

Cool story. One day, we went to the wife of our branch president, Hermana Rojas. We wanted a reference from her, so she told us to go to Hermano Orlandí. He was the first branch president there in Clorinda and has been branch president three times. She said he is inactive now because he thinks that the people in Clorinda are hypocrites and he is perfect. So we checked it out. We were super nervous because she said he is the devil and breathes fire and stuff. Anyway, we eventually clap his house and sit down and talk with him. He is sooo cool. He was telling us all about his life, his near death experience, and why he KNOWS that God lives aqnd loves us. He bore such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the Church. He knows it is the only true church. He was reading scriptures out of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. So cool. We aren't sure exactly what happened with him and the people in the Clorinda branch. He said that he doesn't have any bad feelings for the people. He said that Hermana Rojas thinks that they're enemies, but he doesn't have any feelings like that. He is soooo awesome, though. Fetch. We are just trying to be his friend and fellowship him back into the church. He told us that we can always come to his house whenever we want. So we will work on him.

We found another awesome investigator. We were walking one night and this kid was like, "Hey, are you the Mormons?" So we said yeah and started talking and walking with him. His name is Alexis Verda and he is 15. He is having some problems with his parents right now and is living with a friend. He was saying how he couldn't find a job, but the next time we met with him, he had found a job at an empanaderia or something. He makes bread. So that's awesome! He also came to sacrament yesterday! He is super capo (cool) and loves talking and learning about our religion. He is down to keep commitments and actually has a desire to learn and improve his life. Superrrrr great experience.

A couple more funny things. Romona has been flirtier than ever before. The other day, she asked why Elder Sipple is more handsome than Elder Murphy hahaha. She always is trying to hold onto my hand after we shake hands. She always tells us how beautiful we are. Elder Murphy told her that it's inappropriate to talk to us like that haha ahhh it was weird. Anyway.
The shirts here are SOOO funny. Most of them are all in English, but no one knows what they say. There are tons of spelling errors. Half of them don't even make sense. In one of the clothing stores by our pension, there is a shirt on a mannequin that says "WITCH" in block letters and that's all. Also, there is one that says "Meow" in block letters. We visited a less active member yesterday and he had a cut-off t-shirt on. The style of the words was kind of Affliction-esque, but it said "funky punk 07" hahaha holy smokes. I dibs that username when I get back. Another one of our investigators had a shirt on that said "<3 your blog" what the heck does that even mean?! Sooo classic.

Yesterday, we also had Ezequiel and Milagros at church with us. They are brother and sister and live across from Romona. Ezequiel is almost 12 and Milagros is 13. Their abuela wants to be baptized as well. They have an uncle who is an inactive member. Super cool family and I will send pictures of them from yesterday.

I know that this Gospel is true. I love studying every single day and learning new things. I love teaching people and seeing the peace and comfort that this message brings. I know that we can return to live with Heavenly Father with our families for eternity. I'm so grateful to be here in Clorinda. Teaching the Gospel makes me so happy! Also, teaching it in Spanish is amazing. I am getting a lot better and I can understand a lot more of what's being said to me. I can finally start to be myself and kind of talk regularly with people. I'm so stoked to be fluent haha. Anyway, PAZ Y BENDICIONES!


Cochinito Mojado numero 1 AKA Grandma's Gold AKA Elder Sipple
Back on for a sec haha. Elder Murphy came back because he couldn't get his computer to work earlier. We are also with Elder Naumann and Elder Morrin. Elder Morrin is from Alpine and knows the Ricks family! He's super funny and loves soccer too. He played on Lone Peak and has also played club his whole life. We have a similar sense of humor, so it's always a good time when we are with them. Aunt Shelly knows Elder Naumann's uncle who was their stake president in Washington! Sooo crazy.

But yeah, I love the people and I'm glad they're all nice and loving. The kids are awesome, just like you said! Ware is in Resistencia and Coates is in some other area. I saw them at the new missionary training a couple weeks ago, but other than that you don't see other missionaries too often. Except the ones in your district.

I just took a picture of the street before we went into the supermercado. It's pretty much what most of the main street looks like. I'll take pictures of others and send them when I get a chance. Also, I meant to ask you for some shower things...loofa? Not sure what they're called haha. But the scrubber things. Just some cheap ones because they don't have them down here, AND I have only been in one store that has actual body wash. Weird. And the deodorant is weird too. It's the roll-on ball kind or just anti perspirant spray. But I'm fine with using those because I know it's dang expensive to send packages.

We get mail like once a month. I got your package today!!!! HOLY SMOKES! You really hooked it up fat! Thank you so much, seriously. It´s like straight gold. Candy, seasoning, peanut butter, marinade, dang. I am going to send pictures next week. I´m just on right now for a minute because Elder Murphy needed to come send an email. What else...oh, we had lunch with a member today and his wife. His dad is Hermano Rodas in the branch presidency. He is also in the branch presidency haha. He likes Blink 182 and a bunch of other bands like that. He is 26 and his wife is 29. Super awesome family. Anyway, we have some exciting things coming up so pray for us and for our investigators!!! Love you and again thanks for the package, it was seriously amazing. So heavy too haha. Lovezzzz.

In this picture we were at la casa de la familia Lopez. They live across from Romona. They made us tortas fritas and it was fantastic. From left to right we have Abuela Lopez, Romona Benitez, Milagros Lopez, Maira Benitez, Ezequiel Lopez, and Barbara, who I believe is the aunt of Ezequiel and Milagros. She has some mental issues, but she is sooo awesome and loves when we come over. In my right arm I have Lorena Benitez with the and in my left is Sabastian Lopez. Crazy kids. Love these families to death!!

Super cute puppy at a less active member's house. I miss puppies.


Me trying to give Elder Sotelo a haircut before they left this morning for their meeting in Resistencia.

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