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Friday, February 21, 2014

Just another week in Clorinda la Lindaaaaa! February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

I think the worst thing ever is being sick in another country without your mom there to take care of you...this was my Monday night/Tuesday. It went away by Wednesday, which was nice. But it was a pretty weird week. I saw a dead puppy and watched a kitten die, which was the worst. Then, Elder Murphy and I almost got a free microwave, which is unheard of here because no one has microwaves, especially missionaries. So we were all stoked and hyped up on dreams of cooking food in just a matter of seconds. The sister of Hermana Rojas (the wife of President Rojas) had given her the microwave because she was just going to throw it out. Hermana Rojas told us about it and said that it needed one new part. So we looked all over and finally found a store that had the part. We spent 90 pesos and we were sooo stoked. We returned to their house with the part and huge smiles. Hermana Rojas said that she was having a technician come and look at it just to make sure it was all good. Now it was just a waiting game. We were already making all these awesome plans to make other missionaries pay to use our microwave. We were making plans for whoever doesn´t get transfered to take it with them. We were fools. When we got to the church the next day, Hermana Rojas told us that the microwave had exploded. So, heck of a week.

But Paula was at church which means that we can baptize her this Saturday! Wooooo! We are waaaay excited for her and I think that she´ll be a strong member. She came to all three hours of church which was really cool. She was telling us how she doesn´t want anyone to make a dessert for her or anything. She just wants to get baptized and then peace out haha. Oh well.

Another funny thing (that I´ve already talked about) is the shirts here. One of the investigators of the hermanas, who has been to church a million times and hasn´t been baptized, was wearing a shirt at church that had a Playboy bunny on it and said "Sexy Girls" underneath it haha ahhh it was so weird.

Another investigator, who is dating the mom of an active family, invited us over to their house for asado after church. We were soooooo stoked! Beef, chicken, chorizo...sooo much good food. It was righteous.

I´m also a professional tile guy now. We have been helping Tito Rodas put tile in his kitchen. Elder Araya from Chile was kinda bragging about how his dad did tile for his job and how he knows how to do all of it haha. This led to me, Elder Murphy, Elder Morrin, and Elder Araya doing some tile work in Tito´s house. And really...we have been doing pretty well! Elder Araya knows a lot about how to do it, but can´t really perform. He also cut himself using the tile cutter yesterday haha. Anyway, we have been doing that for service for the last two P-Days. Pretty righteous.

We also made a life-changing discovery this week. Crema de Bon o Bon. There are these treats here called Bon o Bons. They are suuuper delicious. It´s like a chocolate outside and a wafer/creamy inside. Anyway, at the supermercado, we found a container of the cream from these treats. It´s like a peanut butter or Nutella type of thing. We went nuts! It´s like straight heaven in your mouth. Holy smokes. Anyway, that was neat.

One OTHER weird thing is that all of the things in Argentina are made in Argentina. I heard that this started with their current president. All of the appliances, cell phones, food, cars, everything. The president has contracts with all of these major companies so that she can have their stuff made in Argentina. This means that all of the stuff here is pretty much garbage haha. And they sell it for waaaaaay more. Everything here says "Industria Argentina" on it. Anyway, just a fun little fact.

Not a very busy week since I was sick and we had a lot of other stuff going on. But one thing that was really cool is that we received a ton of references from Hermana Rojas. But the catch is that most of them are inactive members haha. But still, they have members of their families that aren´t member of the church, so we are excited about that. We also played a game where we had to talk to everyone we passed while walking. We took turns so I would do like every other house. Everyone is always sitting outside so it´s easy to talk to them. The rule was we had to bring up something about the church. It was awesome and we taught a bunch of lessons! This also led to another realization that I am happiest when I am sharing the Gospel with other people. We were having such a great time teaching and talking about the church with the people here in Clorinda. Seriously, missionary work is a fantastic way to feel the Savior´s love for you and for the people you teach. A main focus of the church right now is member-missionary work. We all can be missionaries every single day. There are so many opportunities to share the Gospel that we don´t even realize. So, my challenge to y´all is to look for those opportunities to share the Gospel because I know that if we do that, we will be so much happier in our lives and we will be able to bless the lives of others. Anyway, heck of a week here in Clorinda. Thank you for your love and prayers! Stay sweaty.

Elder Sipple

 Caution: Machines Working

Caution: Men Working

 Sweet Sunset
We have this sign hanging on our bathroom door. "Don´t bother me - I am singing and dancing." 

Sweeet floral print shirt I bought here 
 #TileGuys #TilesNSmiles
Soooo we were trying to take a sweet of the Cochinitos Mojados. Obviously The Beatles came to mind. What we didn´t realize is that we got photo-bombed hardcore hahaha. 

Original Cochinitos Mojados 

 Asado with Elvio!

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