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Monday, February 10, 2014

Que Leche! February 10, 2014


Aaaaalright. So last week, we found this big guy named Job. He is old and is aboriginal. Super cool - I kind of think of him as the Pocahantas of the area. He loves God and told us that he believes everything we teach him. He doesn't have a religion but he loves the Bible and, like I said, loves God. So that's a pretty promising start!

Also this week, we were walking in the really poor part of our area and saw some kids playing soccer. We stopped and talked to them for a bit. They were kinda awkward at first, so we started to play keep-away. After that, they tooootally opened up to us and they all wanted us to come to their houses haha. Super awesome!

Remember Hermana Perez? Good. Well, they bailed on us for church again. They all said, " Si o si. Sin falta. Estamos asistiendo a la iglesia Domingo." Pretty much, they said they were for SURE coming this time. But sadly, they didn't show up. I know it's hard to return to church after so many years, but dang. We've been working so hard with them and trying to get them to come to church with Josue so that he can be baptised. Oh well, we know that we are doing all that we can.

Now, remember Alexis? Things are improving with his family. Last week, he went to Buenos Aires with his mom and brother. They are still there because of some sort of problem, so he couldn't come to church. But we called him just to see how things were and he said that he talked to his mom and brother about us! We were a little scared haha. We didn't want to lose him! But he said that his mom is down with it and wants to come to church with us too! Sooo REAL. So we are planning on meeting up with him this week and catching up a bit.

There are drunk people in this cyber right now...yelling and laughing haha. It's so weird. They have a TV with American movies and people just sit here and get drunk.

On a different note, this lady that we were talking to had a bunch of grapes. She offered me one and it was a SLIP SKIN. DANG. Tooootally shot me back to Grandma's backyard in the summer. 

Saturday was Ezequiel's birthday. The family invited us over for food and stuff! A bunch of the neighborhood kids were there. They made pizza and these little sandwiches with A FULL mayo haha. Anyway, it was super awesome and totally strengthened our bond with their family and a lot of the other neighborhood kids. Ezequiel had some bad teeth that he had to get pulled, so he was out of it haha. He was waaaay sick the whole week. On Saturday, he was just a wall. We thought it was just him being weird or the medicine. We talked to the family yesterday and they said it's not the medicine. He's just crazy! Like he wakes up every five minutes in the night and says that he has pain in a different part of his body, then goes back to sleep. He also said that he saw his little brother who passed away. He said he was in all white and kept saying, "Vamos a cielo. Let's go to Heaven." Suuuuper weird. So we told them that we could bless him. They said that if he isn't better today, they want us to do it. We also taught them about the Priesthood again and how we hold this very real power. We taught them again about how it was restored and explained it a little better. They said they didn't know if we could bless him or not, which was our fault for not teaching that. But hey. Anyway, so that was cool and weird.

Oh yes, the dogs here. There are some cool/cute dogs, but they are all just disease-ridden haha. But Ezequiel's family has a little puppy that I accidentally fell in love with. So...

Anyway, we are working hard! This experience is amazing and I know that my life will and has changed, along with the people we teach. Thank you all so much for everything. If I don't see you in this life, I'll see you at the tree. PAZ.

Elder Sipple

Re: Dogs
It's so sad because sometimes there are these suuuper cute dogs, but really, they're just street youths and so dirty. Sometimes puppies are just sitting there in the street. :/ Haha. But the puppy that Ezequiel's family has is soooo cute. So sweet. I named her Carmela, which they obviously loved. Then we named another one of their girl kittens Cowboy.

Photos from this week:


Garbage Sunset

 Soccer with those rascals

New Zone

Murphy holding me...yikes :/

                                                                 La Capilla - from my bald days

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