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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello, world. April 7, 2014

Hey, how's it goin'. Elder Sipple here with a little run-down of last week.

First, Monday night, we finally moved into our new pension. It was pretty sad because living with the ZLs was super fun and we are all really good friends. But anyway, we asked one of the hermana's eternal investigators to help us. His name is Luis and he loves showing off his little white car haha. So he helped move stuff back and forth from the pensions. When it came time to move the bunk beds, we put the long parts on top of his car and stuck our arms out of the windows to hold it in place haha. Classic moving sesh. When we finally got all of our stuff in, things really went down hill. My Cholula hot sauce that Mom sent me broke, mold was growing on our desks because of how humid it was, and I realized that I accidentally brought two fitted sheets instead of a fitted sheet and a normal one. So that was fun. Then, the A/C unit broke. So, it was three million degrees with humidity. Seriously, the air is so so so thick and wet. Some books that I had left out on my desk look like they've had water poured on them. Also, the mold thing I mentioned...seriously mold just spontaneously grows on whatever. On our chairs, my wooden Plan of Salvation puzzle, the fridge, our closets...anything. And our mattresses were/are rocks. I got humbled...humbled REAL good. It really helped me to remember why I'm here. I'm not here to be comfortable. I've been uncomfortable since day one haha. I'm not here to have a sweet little vacation for two years. We are here to serve the Lord and we can't let little problems like the ones I've described get in the way of our work. Also, even with all of those "problems," we still have it better than most of the people that live here. So, big old lesson learned from that ordeal. All we can do is be patient, be positive, bear our afflictions, and continue on with faith in the Lord. And that's what we have done! It's been a crazy week. We have since cleaned the mold off of all of our things. Don't worry, Mom.

Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Heyman! It was awesome. We did a practice with the assistants which was actually really helpful. We learned a really good way to effectively teach the lessons to our investigators. Preview what you're going to teach, teach the doctrine, extend a commitment, and then finalize. It was great.

Also, Pabla (our recent convert) FINALLY prayed in front of us. She has always been afraid to pray in front of us or in the church, but she finally did and it was fantastic. Brought a tear to this young man's eye. Did NOT let that tear fall, though. But yeah, that was neat!

We had a talent show which was put on by the young women of the branch. You KNOW Los Cochinitos Mojados were requested to dance (by popular demand). So we got up there and threw down some sweet, sweet moves. I'll show you the video in two years haha. Pabla tried to send it via FB to Mom, but it's too big. I have it on my memory card, though.

Friday morning, we taught a guy who is working on building the top half of our apartments. We were sitting outside doing some work in the area book and he came in and started talking to us. We taught him the Restoration and he loved it. He's a pretty religious guy, but he was saying he wanted to change and he was going to ask his wife to see what she thought. We also had to explain to him that Jehovah isn't Heavenly Father, but Jehovah is Jesus.

Just want to touch on that whole mold thing again. HOLY SMOKES. Seriously, just grows wherever and whenever it wants to. Satan is really pulling out all of the stops.

I recently weighed myself...comin' in strong at about a buck 40...buck 45 will all of my missoinary get-up on. Haha so yeah, I've shed some pounds, shed some tears, blood...blood because I always manage to hit the mosquitos in mid-drink.

Also, conference was amazing! Sooo fantastic. Got straight dogged by our investigators, but at least we were able to be edified, am I right? Just two days straight of Conference. The North Americans all watched conference in a seperate room in English while everyone else watched in the chapel. It was the greatest.

Well everyone, just another week at war. Something that I took away from Conference was the importance of loving everyone around us. Always striving to develop charity. Truly looking to serve those around us and not placing our wants and desires above the needs of others. Our little problems are so miniscule and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We should always strive to serve others because when we do, we are in the service of our God. I love all of you and I'm grateful for every single one of you. Grateful for another week of life here in this crazy country haha. Stay sweet. Until next week.

Elder Sipple


                                                                          Moving night

                                              Traditional Argentine dance by the young women

Bowls apparently do not exist here, so we make due with plastic bottles. Haven't been able to find bowls yet.

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