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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 La LECHE

Hey friends, Alec here.

Let's see. I guess we will start off with WE BAPTIZED ANALIA AND ORLANDO! It was awesome! Had to call a cab for them to get to the baptism, but hey. Money well spent. It was POURING on the day of the baptism which is really bad because apparently Argentines are made out of sugar...they straight up melt in the rain. They never want to do anything if there might even just be a CHANCE of rain haha. But, they
came, were baptized, ate some cookies, and were confirmed the next day. I'm so happy for this family. They really want all of their kids to be baptized and they are starting to remember their testimonies and
their love for the Church.

On Saturday morning, we did service for an inactive member. His grass/weeds outside of his house were chest-high in some areas. So, with one of the young men and the branch president, we cut almost all
of it down with machetes. My arm still hurts, but it was awesome. I'll attach some pictures haha. So nuts, though. Some dang long grass.

Last night when we were walking back to the pension, a gang of dogs ran out from an empty lot and got all up in our faces. They kept trying to fight us and it was a little wild because they were pretty big, but we had our rain boots on and I think it scared them a little bit. The first time a dog(s) has ever tried to attack me here haha. We established our territory pretty well.

Today, we made super pizza. It had steak, ham, cheese, and fried eggs.Straight up wonderful to the taste buds.

One other funny thing. We were out clappin' some sweet, sweet door and this one older lady comes out. She asked us what we wanted and I told her we wanted to talk to her. She asked us what we wanted to talk
about and we told her about God and his plan for us. She told us that we couldn't talk because they believe in God AND the Virgin. Elder Buckles said, "Well, what about Jesus? What about the Holy Ghost?" She
was like...oh yeah, them too. Haha so then I asked her (because I really did want to know) why she believes in the Virgin. She said, "Por que sí. Because yes." So I asked her if she could explain a little more so that we could understand her beliefs, but she just said, "I would explain it to you, but I don't have time." Then she
went back inside her house. As you can probably imagine, that happens a lot here. When it does, we try to explain the commandment that very clearly states that there is only one God and that we shouldn't worship any other god. We also try to explain why we don't worship saints and the Virgin. People are always asking us why we don't believe in the Virgin and the saints and we just explain it using the commandments and by telling them we believe they were all good people, followers of Christ and one of them was the mother of Christ, but they aren't the one God that we have been commanded to worship. Bringing up the 10 Commandments always kind of catches them off guard haha. But, this is why we're here; to teach the people!

Anyway, that's basically it for this week. A lot of rain over the weekend and this morning. When it rains here, it's nuts! I love it. But it really has a bad effect on the work and on the availability of the people here. But yeah, just another week of good solid work. We are all looking forward to General Conference. I have to admit, before the mission, I wasn't terribly stoked when Conference rolled around. Classic teen, classic skinny jeans. I regret not paying more attention to Conference. But being in the mission, it's more exciting than any other holiday or birthday haha. I can't wait to hear from President Monson and other general authorities. ¡Que leche!

Love you all so much and I hope everything is going well. My prayers are with you! Thanks 4 everything.

Elder Simplé, Bimplé, Slibblé, Slímble, and Sípple. (A couple of the different ways people try to pronounce my name.)

                                                                        Super Pizza!!!

                                                      Some of the grass before we cut it
                                                                  Me with my machete
                                                                The grass after
                                                                   More grass pixx
                                                    Baptism pictures!!! La familia Sosa!
                                                                   Tito, Orlando, and Analia

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