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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014 

Hello, my dearest family and friends.

Not a whole ton to write this week, but...we had TRANSFERS! My new companion is Elder Buckles. He hails from the Northwest, from a little village called Seattle. Elder Buckles knew Tanner Tucker earlier on in his life. Neil Buckles is his full name in case Tanner is interested in this. Anyway, we get along really well and he is SUPER down to do work here in Clorinda with me so I am really stoked about this transfer.

Like I said, we like to work. We have been doing a ton of work this week and we had three of our investigators in the church. I can't remember if I mentioned this family before, but we have been working a lot with the familia Sosa. The mom is a member but stopped going to church when she was like 13 or so. Her sister served a mission in Salta but is inactive now. Not bitter, just lazy. Anyway, Elder Murphy and I happened upon them and lo and behold, they want their kids to be baptized. They live in the farthest part of our area, so it's a good solid 40 minute walk to the church haha. We have been teaching them and Elder Buckles and I put four of the kids on a date for their baptism. So on Sunday, we took a cab to that part of our area to pass by their house and walk with them. We were also passing for some other investigators in the area but we totally got hung out to dry. Totally dogged us. BUT, the familia Sosa was ready to go! One of the little girls didn't want to come, but she said she'll come next week. It was super neat to see the willingness of this family to wake up early and walk over three miles to go to the church. When we stopped by later that afternoon, Hermana Sosa asked us about blessings and if we could give her one. She is having some health problems and is kinda scared. We explained about how we have the Priesthood and where it came from. Then we explained to her that blessings are predicated upon the faith of those involved and ultimately on the will of the Lord. Anyway, we gave her a blessing and it was really spiritual. We had to translate the words in the anointing and sealing into Spanish because neither of us had our manuals in Spanish haha. Classic gringos. Anyway, super stoked for this family and they need your prayers!

We walk a lot...

Anyway...Elder Sotelo had his birthday on Saturday. I bought him a doll and it's pretty creepy. Perfect. Just about to move out of their pension, which is sad.

We were walking the other night and I kicked something and it flung some sort of foul mixture all over my pants. It appeared to be a smooth, flavorful lemon yogurt mixed with dog vomit and alcohol. A little burn in the nostrils when you smell it.

Everyone here is sad that Elder Murphy left. Buckles is kind of annoyed that he has to live up to the legend of Murphy. He keeps telling everyone, "Sorry I'm not Elder Murphy. He's gone. I'm Elder Buckles." Hahaha it's classic. He's doing great though and we work really well together.

Well, I'm pretty sure that's all. I love you all so much and you're all in my prayers. ""Don't stop believing...hold on to that feeling." -Journey" -Alec Sipple

Take care of yourselves out there.

-Elder Sipple

This is us at the house of the familia Rodas yesterday for Elder Sotelo's birthday lunch. That's me feeding E'Sotelo his birthday cake and the other white person is Elder Buckles! Also, I know my head looks like it's about three feet long and I'm not sure why. I promise it's not real, it's just an optical illusion. Maybe. Peace.
 Our zone before transfers
 Papa Murphy leaving his boy, Sipple.
 Elder Morrin and I getting another one of our signature awkward pictures before he left.

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