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Monday, June 9, 2014

me quedo en Fontanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa June 9, 2014

Yes, Elder Alec "La Castaña" Sipple will be posted up in Comandante Fontana for another transfer! I really do like this small town. Lots of dust in the teeth, but I like it.

So with the new transfer came a new companion. His name is Elder Vera and he hails from Ecuador. He's pretty funny and we already get along really well. I'm hoping that my Spanish will really be rock solid after this transfer.

Soooooo on Wednesday, I went to Pirané to send off Elder Zivic and wait for my companion with Elder De la Peña while he waited for his companion. Elder De la Peña is soooo dang funny and such a stellar missionary. We visited Tucan, the guy who makes leather scripture cases and whatever else you want. He makes wallets, shoes, belts, ties made out of yacaré leather, you name it! He has yacaré, iguana, snake, emu, lion, gato del monte, otter fur,'s wild. I ordered some scripture cases with yacaré on the front and back. On the front, the spines go down in a 'v' pattern and it's sooo sweet. The sides have iguana leather. The inside has otter fur, fur from un gato del monte, emu leather, carpincho, and iguana. I'm sooo stoked. I'm hoping he'll be done before the transfer. Also, we visited some members in the area. I was selected to give the prayer in English. It was sooooooooo bad haha. Not the prayer, but my English. I couldn't put my words together. But I'm stoked about it.

Presidente Sire's parents moved to Fontana from Buenos Aires and we did a little service for them. I will include a picture.

Right now, we're basically focused on finding new investigators and reactivating members. It'll be tough, but we both want to work really hard so I'm pretty excited for this transfer. Also, I had the opportunity to eat locro again! The cow intestines and stomach reeeaaalllllyyyy aren't that bad.

It's crazy how fast the time flies by out here. There are times where it seems to be super slow, but when you get lost in the work it FLIES and the happiness that comes is incredible. It's odd to me that I really don't miss you all that much haha. That's not to say that I don't love you and look forward to seeing you all, but I know that while I am out here serving, the Gospel and this amazing work fills in the gaps where all of my family and friends are. I am so happy to be involved in such an important work and I know that the mission is an incredible blessing - not only for the missionary, but for the people that are waiting to hear the message of the Restoration. I love all of you back at home, love you SO good and I hope that this summer is a fantastic one. It's weird for me that y'all are in summer...anyway. My clown companion is taking pictures of me. Now he's taking pictures of himself and saying, "Ooooo voy a mandar mis fotos a TODAS las chicas." Peace, blessings, and BBQ spare ribs.

La Castaña

P.S. As far as I'm concerned, the barbeques in the States are better than los asados here. LOTS of fat on the meat. USA! USA! USA! Oh, one other thing. We have a special schedule for world cup. When Argentina is playing, we have to be in our pension studying. So that's neat. Anyway, that's all. Luvzz.

Elder Sipple visited the infamous Tucan and ordered some scripture cases! This is some yacaré leather that I'm holding.
 Elder Vera and I prestando a little service
 We showed up to Hermana Regini's house and this was on her table. Kind of sad because yaboii luv da animals (as I order scripture cases made from like 20 different animals), but they are really poor and apparently this armadillo thing is pretty delicious.

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