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Sunday, June 29, 2014

We Out Here .........June 25, 2014

Hey, how's it goin', Elder Sipple here again. Not too much action this week, but I have a couple of gems.

We saw two tucans in Fontana which was SO real. Second time in my mission! They were in a tree fighting. I will include a picture, but it's not very good. Also, one night, a friend of the Sire family brought them a little armadillo that they found in campo. So that was neat. But I was super sick so I didn't take a picture...which leads me into my next story. I got sick again!


There I was, Friday morning. Uneasy feeling in my stomach. I wasn't feeling too well, but I thought it would go away by the time we had to go to the colony. Totally didn't! When we got to the taxi to take us to the colony, I stood there for like five minutes trying to decide if I should go or not. I decided to sacrifice for la obra misional, for the sweet, fiery gospel. So we get to the colony and I'm already sweating, feeling like I'm on the brink of death. We walked for a bit and contacted a woman who really didn't understand Castellano. We started to talk with her and introduce the message. While I was explaining part of it, I felt like I was going to throw up, so I told Elder Vera that he had to talk haha. Shortly after, I excused myself, went to the bushes surrounding the house, and just let it all it. Multiple times. All while Elder Vera carried on the lesson haha. I didn't make it too far from them, maybe like 50 feet or so. The worst part is that all of the starving colony dogs instantly swarmed me and started eating like it was 1999. :/ SOOOO gross. But, I immediately felt better, went back and finished up the lesson with some sweet testimony and a "Mas vale." Then like an hour later I started to feel worse and got a fever. But I made it through the whole day, even though I probably shouldn't have decided to work haha. But the good news is that it passed and I was better the next day. But now all of my dog friends are going to be expecting tasty snacks whenever I show up, so that's a real pain in the buns.

The other highlight is that we had our mission conference to say goodbye to President and Hermana Heyman! It was fantastic. I spent most of my time with Elder Murphy and some other buddies. OH! Also, P. Hey ordered SUBWAY for the whole mission! There is a Subway in Corrientes and he had them bring sandwiches for everyone! I wasn't a huge Subway fan before, but after being here I'm just a fan of food in general so I was stoked. But yeah, we had a really neat program with some righteous musical numbers and testimonies from President, Hermana Heyman, their son who came from his mission in Chile (Jake Siaosi's mission) to go home with his parents, and one of the counselors from the mission and his wife. Then we took a mission picture, ate our dang Subway, then waited in a huge line to say goodbye to the Heyman's and take pictures with them. They brought all of the leftover food from their house and gave it away. I won some passionfruit jam. ;) But anyway, that was neat. Did a lot of traveling, had to leave at two in the morning on Monday to get there and then we got back to Pirané at 3 in the morning yesterday. We stayed there for the district meeting and finally got back to Fontana yesterday at 7:30 pm.

Anyway, that about sums up my week. I hope the States are just as fertile and blessed as ever and that wars and rumors of wars haven't begun yet. Things are wonderful here, just dirt and smiles. Keep it real out there and I am praying for you!

Elder Sipple

P. Hey and Hermana Heyman

 Elder Murphy, Sotelo, Sipple
The entire family of Papa Sufia from New Zealand! 
La gran zona Ibarreta!
 Elder Sipple and Elder Vera, steady balling in the colony
 Wearing some Argentina gear after their "super cool" victory over the incredible Iran
 Me with Randy Curtis on an old pass along card!
 The old Clorinda gang!
 Some handsome Yankees.
 A little Parsons, Trotter, Naumann, Murphy and Sipple

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