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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mojados.........July 14, 2013

Julieta's baptism went through! It was fantastic. We pretty much spent two days figuring out all of the stuff for the baptism. We ran into all sorts of problems, as usual, but powered on through - Elder Vera and Elder Sipple vs. the world. We filled up the font with the rain water and what not and when it was full, it was a really gross yellow color. We thought it was because of the drain in the font, so we drained it and filled it again. Just the same color. So we just went with it. Then we had to try to heat up the water. It was dang cold and we don't really have a decent way to heat the water, so we spent a morning/afternoon boiling water and pouring it into the font. It ended up not making a difference haha. But the good part is is that Julieta showed up and she got dunked REAL good. We are really excited for her and for her friend, Ezequiel, who is going to be baptized on the 26th. It's a great situation for them. Her dad is an inactive member, so she is a baller example right now.

Anyway, this last week we had interviews with P. Franco and Hermana Franco! They are soooooo righteous. They still have pretty strong accents when they speak English. Something I didn't know is that Presidente Franco is one of the owners of those watch stores "Precision Time." So that's neat. But anyway, they are both super frinedly and you can just feel their love for the Gospel and for us as missionaries. We are all way stoked to work with them.

And yes, World Cup. Sadly/luckily, none of the craziness really goes down here in Fontana. The people party and stuff, but it's pretty much just for one night. Or less. But from what I heard, in the other more populated places in the mission, the people were going buck WILD during their game against Belgium and then during the game on Sunday. They all just ended up celebrating second place. Glass half-full type of people here. Buuuuuuuut yes, that happened. I'm just glad that we can continue working and that we don't have to hang out in the pension for hours now.

That's pretty much it for this week, though. I didn't have some super weird/gross experience this last week, unfortunately. Just posted up here in Fontana. Transfers are tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. Oh yeah, I hit my 8 monther. That's kind of weird.

Spiritual thought real quick. Just be like Christ. In everything you do, just think about what Jesus would do in that situation. Obviously we aren't going to be perfect and make the right choice every single time, but I know that if we strive to live more like our Savior and give it our best effort, we will be blessed and we will be able to develop Christ-like attributes. Always seek to help others and lift them up. It is so easy to judge people and place ourselves above others. But the truth is is that we don't know or understand anyone like our Heavenly Father does and for that reason, we should always seek to lift another. Christ didn't only go to the people that accepted him and treated him well. He preached to all; He always sought to help and to bless the lives of all of His brothers and sisters.

Thanks for all of the prayers and love. I love you all REAL good and I hope that everyone is just balling their way through life.

""Don't be afraid to shoot the outside 'J'." - Troy Bolton" - ALEC SIPPLE

Peace and Blessings. :)

#RT #1RTequals1Pray 

Oh yeah, I made some chili with one of my chili packets. It was sooooo dang good and I felt so American.

Elder Sipple stirring up the hot water

E'Sipple and E'Vera straight slaying it on boiling duty

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