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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Elder Sipple gets chopped......June 30, 2014

I'm not sure what my problem is...I just keep putting my trust and my hair in the hands of these people who are nowhere near qualified to handle it haha. It's a real joy. This time, I went to "Papatto," a 65 year-old "hair veteran." He's a bit rounder than most. As he sat me down in his chair of doom, I saw his sign that listed the many different types of cuts that he could perform..."The American" and the "Kind-of American." Without any questions asked or suggestions taken, he just started to cut me down to a fragment of what I used to be. I think I ended up with the "Kind-of American," but there's no way of knowing. I have an appointment to fix the left side of my noggin, as it appears that I recently fought head-to-head with a powerful Black&Decker weed whacker. 7 horse power. So yeah, look good, preach good!

Well, things here are pretty rockin', to say the least. We lost about two days of work in our area due to the mission conference and other travels, but we TOTALLY made up for it. Elder Vera and I straight tore it up this week. We were crankin' out the lessons and finding new investigators like never before. It rained a bunch, the weather got really cold, and the entire town turned to mud, but we plowed through. Elder Vera was bragging about how he had never fallen in the mud in his year and a half in the mission...and then totally ate it in the mud haha. This week was so wild...running in the mud with our big boots on (when Elder Vera fell) to catch buses and pretty much just giving it our all. That's how I want it to be every single week! My feet are killing me, but I'm so happy about it! We had seven investigators in the church, which is above the number of excellence for the mission. We are really starting to see a lot of the tasty, beautiful fruits of our labors. It was a straight up miracle and I know that we couldn't have done it without a lot of sincere prayer and blessings from Heavenly Father. We're looking at a pretty milky month of July. Which reminds me, happy dang 4th of July this week! Can't believe it haha. It's soooo weird, I feel like it should be Christmas.

Let's see, other highlights...YABOII BOUGHT HANDSOAP! First time in the mission that I've had some handsoap in the bathroom. :) Funny Mango scent, too. It's a beautiful thing. Oh, we found some cool parasites in our water, but luckily it's just the water that we use to shower, wash dishes, wash clothes and our hands...but now I can't stop thinking about the times when the shower water entered into my nose, mouth and eyes...what I've decided is that I'm si o si (for sure) coming back with parasites. I'm going to come home just a complete mess haha. But it'll be s'dang worth it!

Elder Vera and I are trying to learn a little Tova while we are in the colony working. I can say a couple phrases and greetings, so I feel pretty cool. We kept saying "hello" to people in Tova and they looked like they had just seen a white boy speak their native tongue...oh wait...THEY DID SEE A WHITE BOY SPEAK THEIR NATIVE TONGUE. SUP! I'm excited about it.

The other cool thing is that the US hasn't been eliminated yet and I'm really banking on a win against Belgium because I REALLY want to play against Argentina. Then when we win, I'll be the only person out partying in the streets and they'll probably capture me and end my life. :) No, not really...but maybe...

Anyway, I know I wrote less than a week ago so not much has happened. But I love you all so much and I want to thank you for the emails, thoughts and prayers. We out here strugglin', bumpin', grindin' and preachin' the fiery Gospel. I love it and I love y'all. I know Heavenly Father knows and loves each and every one of you and that he has so many special things waiting for you. Peace and blessings!

Elder Sipple

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E'Sipple knockin' some sweet mahogany
 A cool dome house in the colony

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