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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Moooooooooooooooom! Hello! Holy hek I am sooooooo sorry. I have gotten your letters and everything! I have just been trying to find time to write back, and the mail service here is suuuuuper slow, especially because I am at the west campus. Your letters meant so much to me. Thank you for everything, mom.

I'm totally loving it here. The MTC is an amazing place! There are so many cool people here. I love how helpful everyone is. The Spirit is soooooo strong. I talk a lot more about this stuff in the letters that are coming your way. My companion's name is Elder Buhler.There are so many things I love about him. I can tell that he cares and wants to serve. 

I'm really having so much fun! I love learning Spanish and being able to speak more and more. I love learning about the Gospel and teaching it. I feel so much peace while I am here and while I'm focused on the Lord's work. Everything is going well! The food is pretty good, gym time is awesome, classes are awesome...and yeah! OH and L. Tom Perry spoke at our Tuesday night devotional. :) I sang in the choir, so I got a pretty good seat. And a TON of screen time. I was on the camera so much while we were singing haha. Everyone in my zone loved it. It was broadcast to a ton of countries! So sweet. Try to find it online!

Still haven't cut my hair...hahaha. My teacher finally told me to yesterday, so I need to make an appointment. Esta bien! I'm excited to not have to worry about my hair as much.
I'll include some pictures that I've taken, but I always forget to bring my camera around! I'll try to get some of the zone for you.
My P-Day is on Thursday, so that's why I haven't been able to email. We've just been way busy! We don't get P-Day the week we come in. My letters have a lot more info! 
I love you so much and I am so grateful for all you have done for me. Thank you for always supporting me in everything and for never giving up. I'm so excited to serve and I wouldn't be here without you. I always think about you guys and pray for you! 

Love 4ever,

Elder Sipple

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